What to expect from our services


Has an outlet stopped working? Are you struggling with consistently flickering lights or any other electrical issue? At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we provide prompt solutions to domestic and commercial electrical issues. We understand that hiring a contractor can sometimes be a difficult decision, especially if it’s the first time you’ve had to do it but at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we’re here to help you.

We are fully licensed, qualified and insured to work on your property.

No professional electrician shows up to their job without being fully licensed and insured. We can provide proof of our legitimacy as well as testimonials from previous clients so that you can rest safe in the knowledge that you have skilled experts working on your home.
We’re punctual

We understand that your time is valuable and that in some cases, you may have had to change plans to await our visit. This is why we are always punctual. We work hard to be efficient and that means using up as little of your time as possible! Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd won’t leave you waiting at home, frustrated and annoyed. We are extremely punctual and reliable for all of our clients.


We are professional

Our electricians pride ourselves on maintaining a professional appearance and conducting ourselves in a very professional way. We are committed to being friendly, informative and ensure that our customers are aware of all the possible reslutions for their issues in plain terms as opposed to intentionally confusing industry jargon. We believe that our customers should understand the issues with their properties inside out so that they can fully understand the service we’ll be providing.


We are transparent about our prices and services

At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we value our clients and endeavor to ensure that we are entirely honest with them at all times in order to build a strong relationship with the clients and ensure that they come back to us, should they need to. This means that we can offer price estimates for all the work that we do and these are thorough. We don’t believe in adding on extra fees without ensuring that our clients are fully aware of what they are and what they’re for.

It also means that whenever we do work on your property, you’ll have a full comprehension of the services we’re providing, what they involve and why you can fully trust them.


If you’re looking for an electrician in or around Glasgow, get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!