Maintenance Electricians

One of the commercial and industrial electrical aspects we specialise in at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd is maintenance. If you’re looking for a routine electrical maintenance contract, you’ll find yourself in capable hands with our team of electricians in Scotland.


electric heating installation

An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will ensure your heating is regularly checked and maintained

We can provide ongoing maintenance support for any buildings, office blocks or premises which require regular electrical work. Whether this involves things like regular PAT testing, ongoing data installations as people move in and out of the building, or any other routine maintenance tasks, our team are happy to undertake these tasks on a regular basis to ensure your premises is electrically sound.

By offering a high level of responsiveness and offering speedy, efficient and high quality service, we can ensure that your business runs steadily and smoothly with minimal loss of time and output. Our aim is to make sure everything in your building is electrically sound, with the foresight to prevent any electrical mishaps which could cost time and money. We also undertake other regular works and are only a phone call away should you require things like emergency lighting of emergency electricity in the occurrence of a power cut.

With a Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd maintenance contract you can rest easy in the knowledge that our fully qualified electricians can undertake any electrical maintenance tasks you have, as and when you need them. You’ll have no need to panic if something goes, and you won’t need to worry about the time spent trying to find an electrician in Scotland, never mind fret over the timescale and quality of work. If you’re looking for a quality commercial or industrial electrical maintenance contract so you can rest easy and produce maximum output, get in touch to discuss your requirements today.