LED Lighting Installation

led lighting installation from electrical contractors glasgow
Why Install LED Lighting?

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can save your commercial or industrial business money and energy with by installing LED lighting. Typically producing a net gain after 6 – 18 months, your business will see benefits straight away after using our installation service. As a Glasgow based company we are able to provide our services across the United Kingdom. With a long list of satisfied customers from organisations in Scotland, England and Wales you can relay on our experienced LED lighting installer team. Not only do we prioritise your commercial or industrial needs, our team at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can offer advice when it comes to choosing the best LED lighting Glasgow based service and give guidance on the different styles available. Our team always on hand if you have any questions, get in touch today!

How Can LED Lighting Save You Money?

Does your business need LED Lighting? Look at our projects to see examples of our work!

Increase Energy Efficiency

Recently, it has become more and more important for people to make their homes and businesses as energy efficient as possible. This means sticking to recycling schedules, cutting down water wastage and having energy efficient lighting installed. An LED lighting installer will provide you with all the appropriate information. A way of lighting your home or business that will increase energy efficiency. In this respect, a LED lighting Installation is the most reasonable choice to make when it comes to lighting choices and with Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, you can rest assured that our fittings will be efficient and stress-free for you. Due to how energy efficient LED lighting is, you will notice that your energy bills will be notably lower – LED lights offer an electrical efficiency that is several times better than incandescent lighting and more so than fluorescent lighting. An LED lighting installer from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can guarantee the fixture be quality and long lasting. Power usage from this type of lighting is around a third less than typical office lighting, yet if offers no compromise on light. An LED lighting Glasgow based installer, can guarantee to provide you with evidence as to how it’s now a far more practical and optimal solution for businesses and often pays for itself within 18 months.

Stylish & Versatile

Sometimes it seems like a challenge to choose between practical and stylish lighting, but this isn’t a problem when it comes to LEDs. Due to the compact nature of LED lights, there is a lot of room for flexibility when designing your perfect fittings. LED lights can offer effective lighting for offices as well as spotlights for show rooms. At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, an LED lighting installer can supply both! LED lights offer a kind of flexibility that their fluorescent and incandescent counterparts simply cannot and this means more options for you. A LED lighting installer will provide all the information you need about new LED lighting Glasgow based options. For examples of how LED lighting can be installed and used, have a look at our projects.

Energy Star Approval

You can rely on LED lighting for your commercial or industrial premises as it has the prestigious Energy Star Approval that is only awarded to the very best of energy saving products. Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products. Devices carrying the Energy Star service mark generally use 20–30% less energy than required by US standards. Energy Star LED qualifications: There are so many benefits of installing LED lighting. It reduces energy costs, it uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, saving on operating expenses. Maintenance costs are also reduced, LED lighting lasts up to 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting and about 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting. No bulb-replacements, no ladders, and no ongoing disposal program. LEDs produce very little heat and comes with comes with a minimum three-year warranty — far beyond the industry standard. LED is a very versatile type of lighting, with many other convenient features! Such as dimming on some indoor models, automatic daylight shut-off and motion sensors on some outdoor models. Also, you can do so much with LED lighting, it is very durable!

LED Finance

Looking to install LED lighting but on a tight budget? Fortunately, with LED lighting Glasgow based electricians, Atom Electrical Service Ltd, you can still reap benefits of LED lighting without a large upfront fee with our new LED financing options. Our LED financing options allow you to make the most of the long term savings that come with installing LED lighting, without the scary price tag. You can now save money, while saving the environment!

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