LED Warehouse Lighting

Are you looking for exceptional, cost effective LED warehouse lighting? At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we offer a range of LED warehouse lighting solutions. Whether you are looking to install LED lighting in one small warehouse, or across a number of large warehouses, Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can help you save money with LED lighting.

What is LED Lighting?

Once considered a futuristic lighting option, LED light bulbs are rapidly increasing in popularity due to the longevity and low running costs of the bulbs. LED light bulbs are different to traditional incandescent bulbs in the way that they produce light. While traditional bulbs produce light by passing electricity through a thin wire filament, LED bulbs produce their light through a semi-conductor that emits light energy when electricity passes through it.

Low Cost Lighting Solutions

One of the greatest benefits of LED warehouse lighting is the potential cost savings you will make. While LED lighting was once considerably more expensive than traditional bulbs, in more recent years, new technology has brought the price of LED lighting right down, while also increasing the brightness of LED bulbs. From maintenance and longevity to energy costs, LED lighting is far more cost effective than traditional lighting solutions. In fact, LED light bulbs use as much as 90% less energy than traditional light bulbs. These cost savings mean that the bulbs will essentially have paid for themselves within a matter of months. With so many cost savings to be made, LED warehouse lighting is the ideal lighting solution for industrial settings.

Long Lasting Light Bulbs

While the likes of incandescent bulbs last approximately 1,000-2,000 hours, LED lights can last as long as 25,000 to 50,000 hours. However, in reality, the bulbs can last significantly longer than this, however, the brightness may be affected (70% of the original brightness). With bulbs that last over 200x longer than traditional bulbs, you will make significant changes in maintenance, as well as making huge savings in the running cost of using the lights.

LED Warehouse Lighting

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can help you with all your LED warehouse lighting needs.

Instant Illumination

Unlike many traditional light bulbs which can take some time to reach their full brightness, LED light bulbs reach their full brightness as soon as you flick the switch, making them far more practical than traditional bulbs. Dimming options are still available with LED lights.


LED lighting also offers a wide range of colour options to choose from. From bright, bold colours, to classic white and yellow light, LED lighting is an incredibly flexible lighting solution.

LED Warehouse Lighting from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd

At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we provide a wide range of LED warehouse lighting solutions for all industries. Whether you are looking to install LED warehouse lighting in one, small warehouse, or across your business in numerous warehouses, Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can help you. With the cost savings to be made with LED warehouse lighting, it is time that you get in touch with Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd. Contact us today to find out more about our LED lighting solutions.