29th March 2018

Business Electrical Safety Essentials

electrical hazards at work

Wondering how you can protect your business against electrical hazards? When it comes to protecting your business against electrical hazards, there are a number of business “must haves”. These essentials will ensure that your workplace and workforce are fully protected against electrical hazards. With Atom Electrical Solutions, you will be protected against electrical hazards at work.

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Regular Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your business safe, regular maintenance is necessary for preventing electrical hazards in the workplace. Regular maintenance checks should involve PAT testing, fire alarm testing and general building maintenance. Maintaining the electrical appliances within your business can make a real difference when it comes to electrical safety. At ATOM, we offer an extensive range of electrical testing services to ensure that electrical hazards in the workplace are prevented.

electrical hazards at work

Training Employees

To prevent electrical hazards in the workplace, it is important to keep employees in the loop. This should involve employee training on using electrical equipment, as well as providing them with advice and guidance regarding general electrical safety. Simple pieces of advice, such as not overloading sockets and turning off equipment can really help in ensuring the safety of everyone in your workplace. Any and all training should be carried out by a fully qualified electrician to ensure that the proper advice is provided.

Fire Alarms

In the event of a fire within your business, it is essential that the fire can be tackled efficiently and employees should be evacuated efficiently. To ensure that this is possible, fire alarms are an absolute essential to your business. Without these, you risk the lives of everyone in your building, as well as the building itself. Fortunately, ATOM can install up to date fire alarm systems with testing within your business ensuring that everyone is safe in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Electrical Hazards at Work

Electrical hazards at work can be catastrophic for businesses, so it is essential that you implement the right precautions to protect your business and employees. ATOM can help you with a range of electrical safety solutions within your workplace.

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