Protect Your Home With Atom Electrical Solutions

With our home ‘MOT’ service for only £349.99 you can find faults in your home before they become a problem. Our new domestic overhaul package includes a fuse-box upgrade and full electrical testing for your home

What is a Home Electrical MOT?

Our electricians will carry out an extensive check to ensure your homes electrical installations are safe. It will depend on the size of the property as to how long the electrical testing will take to complete. Though a home electrical MOT from ATOM will cause minimal disruption to your day, it is a thorough service, so we carry out a range of detailed tests on all electrical appliances in the home. From light sockets to fitted installations and even upgrading your fuse box to the most recent and safest model! 

Why Do I Need One?

You may find that your home is in need of an electrical check-up if, for example; you have recently moved into a new property, your home is older than 25 years and you have not yet had electrical testing carried out or if you have attempted to fix an electrical problem by DIY and failed. In other circumstances, you might find a home electrical MOT to be beneficial if you are a landlord and new tenants are moving into the property, as a form of a routine check. In a more unfortunate scenario, people often need domestic electrical testing to be carried out if the property has experienced major damage in some way; for example, after a house fire or flood. 

Why should I Choose ATOM?

After extensive experience in the industry, our team of electricians can deal with all manners of domestic electrical mishaps, we know an electrical problem when we see one! By choosing our team to complete your home electrical inspection, you are safe hands. We will make sure that your testing is carried out quickly and safely – without causing you hassle! 

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