15th February 2018

Electrical Safety Precautions – All You Need to Know

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Want to learn more about how to avoid making electrical safety mistakes? Following the advice of the ATOM team, you will get to grips with electrical safety basics in no time!

At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we place high value on ensuring the complete safety in any work we do. With the help of an electrician Glasgow based, you can expect quality and skill at every stage of the process, no matter if it is a small or large project!

Electrical Safety Basics – What do you need to know?

Electrical safety risks vary, however, there are numerous ways in which they can be avoided. Safety precautions taken by home and business owners are more than necessary!

DIY Electrical Repairs

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Don’t carry out unsafe DIY electrical repairs!

One of the most common mistakes we come across are DIY repairs on electrical connections or fittings. Do not attempt a repair if you don’t have the qualifications or skills to do so! Though it may seem like a cheaper, quicker alternative to hiring an electrician, it is very unsafe and could have very serious consequences. Don’t risk the safety of your family or colleagues, ask for help!

Power Outlets

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Don’t overload outlets and make sure they are not loose from the wall!

Another tip when it comes to electrical safety basics, is to take time to inspect your power outlets or switches. A safety outlet is one which is fixed, securely to the wall. Outlets should not be hanging from the wall or be loose, this is very dangerous. If you have loosely fitted outlets and switches, the wires within the fitting could be loose from their terminals which would then, potentially result in causing overheating or arcing. This is why it is vital to take time to inspect every outlet fitting! If you do identify a problem, do not attempt to fix it, immediately ask your electrician for their expertise and assistance.

Legal Electrical Safety Obligations

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If you are a business owner, ensure you are complying with electrical regulation!

If you are an employer or landlord, not only do you have a moral obligation to ensure your property is electrically safe, there are also legal requirements. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 applies to all electrical aspects within a workplace. They oblige the employer, employee and anyone who is self-employed to consider if the electrical system prevents danger, if electrical systems are maintained and if any required electrical safety work has been carried on these systems to prevent risks. To learn more about electrical safety risks, look at our last post!

Prevent electrical safety problems with help from ATOM.

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