Wired and Wireless Security Systems

When it comes to deciding on whether you would like a wired or wireless security installation, there are important things to consider. At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, one of our reliable electricians will install a wired or wireless security system. Considering all the needs of your workplace our service is entirely tailored to you.

Our service prioritises the customer and providing the best experience possible. Deciding what security system is best suited to you? Here are some factors that may influence your decision!

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Which one is cheaper?

Though a wireless security system is more expensive than wired, when it comes to installation, a wireless security installation is much easier to install. Wired systems, like panels and devices, are less expensive to buy, but you need to consider the additional costs of cables and installation.

What about running costs? For a wireless security installation, maintaining a wireless system includes replacing the battery so may be higher than a wired system. A wired security system is hard wired; no battery needs to be replaced. The benefits of having a new security system installed are worth these costs!

wireless security installation's may be cheaper in the long run than wired! Saving you money

Consider the costs of running and maintenance!

Which is more reliable?

Wired systems are known for false alarms. However, despite this they are known to be the more reliable system. Less can go wrong as they are powered by battery sensors, radio transmitters etc. When it comes to a wireless security system, though wired systems are deemed more reliable, many wireless alarms have their own technology that will not interfere with other signals.

At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we will make sure that you are receiving the best service;

Many thanks for all your work and prompt action and to the electricians for their work too.
We are very pleased with the service you provide.

Steve Russell

Which one is easier to install?

A wireless system is easy to install, with the system being up and running in just a couple of hours. An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd is required if you need to install a wired security system. A professional set up is necessary due to the need to run wires through walls and under the floor which is difficult to carry out if you are not trained.

wireless security installations are a great alternative to traditional wired cctv installations

Make sure your work place is a safe as possible. Install a new security system!

Which one is more portable?

A wireless security installation is much easier to take with you, for example, if you are renting your office. You can take it down and set it up in your new premises easily! Also, there will be less damage to the property you are moving from, when you dismantle the alarm. For a wired alarm system, a new installation of a new system is needed, unless the house has one pre-wired.

Considering these aspects when deciding to install a wired or wireless system is very important. With our electrician’s guidance, there will be every opportunity to ask questions about any issues you may have.

If you would like any more advice about security system installation or use of a different service, contact us!