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At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd we can provide you with a successful UPS installation. Just inform us as to what you need and we will ensure everything is taken care off!

A UPS supply switchboard

If the mains supply fails it is worthwhile to have a UPS


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What is a UPS?

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power system. It is electrical equipment that provides emergency power to something when the power source or mains power fails or is not available.  For example, a device that allows a laptop or computer to keep running even though the charging cable has been taken out or lost. Also, a UPS protects from power surges. Power surges occur when a flow of electricity is interrupted, then started again. Or it can occur when something sends electricity back into the system. So a UPS installation prevents this from happening and protects your equipment and devices.

Why install a UPS?

If you own a busy company and there is a short term power outage, a UPS installation can keep everything running smoothly. Even though it will not last indefinitely, a UPS provides you with time to find a solution or convert to an alternative power source. Nowadays everyone relies on electricity being a constant, so it is vital to have a plan in place if something goes wrong.

Power surges and dips can cause irregularities which can both affect the apparatus being used and any data that is stored. So it is worthwhile to have a UPS installation carried out, to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted power supply so those effects do not take place.

Who uses a UPS?

Definitely common in the workplace, a UPS installation is typically used to protect hardware. For example, equipment such as computers, data centres etc. There are many different UPS units to choose from depending on the purpose. There are many industries that use a UPS. This type of power back up is essential for places like hospitals and medical centres. With other places like universities and banks benefiting from a UPS installation.

What are the advantages?

main switches

Many different industries have had a UPS installation!

There are many benefits that come hand in hand when it comes to deciding whether you need a UPS or not. Some of the main benefits are;

Continuous Supply – You do not need to fear that your power supply will dip! In the workplace you can guarantee that vital electrical equipment will remain running with a UPS installation.

A Consistent Supply – A UPS works in a way which identifies when it needs to work and provide the alternate power as required. This gives time to eliminate any surges and allows time to shut down any main systems.

Safety – The UPS installation will ensure that if any electrical hazards occur, like a surge or failure, your equipment is protected and will continue operating as normal. The UPS anticipates that something might happen and switches to an alternate power supply before anything dangerous or damaging occurs.

Cost – A UPS installation is an investment. An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will provide everything during the installation  to ensure you get all the long term benefits. The installation of a UPS will pay for itself in the long run with reduced energy costs!

If you would like any information about how an electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd help you, contact us.