Small Commercial Electrical Installations

rewiring a house

At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we can provide you with a trusted and experienced service. Installing small electrical installations, we will make sure that these are carried out properly and maintained to the highest standard!

Commercially we can fit your home or workplace with small electrical installations like circuit cables, fuse boards, socket outlets and other small power accessories. We will provide you with whatever is necessary to make sure that power is supplied correctly and safely.

I want to thank you for your recent work for me in Johnstone and Glasgow. Your team of electricians are all very professional. They know their stuff and they are easy to deal with. Fitting the various jobs in has not been straight forwards at times for you, but you have always remained calm and have worked flexibly to get the job finished to the deadline.

I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd as a high quality company.

Michelle ATOM Property

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What is a small electrical installation?

Electrical power is an essential in this day and age. This is why you need electrical installations to enable the use of all your electrical appliances! Small electrical installations include socket outlets, fused connection units and isolators, to name but a few. An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can provide advice on which small electrical installation is most suitable for you.

small electrical installations include fitting circuit breakers like the one shown here

Installing a circuit breaker is crucial for ensuring electrical safety.

Circuit Breaker

A miniature Circuit Breaker is a modern alternative to a fuse box, which is used in consumer units. They work just like a switch. Switching off when an overload of electricity is detected going around the circuit. It is very worthwhile to have a MCB because they can be easily reset if they trip. A fuse is a protection device which is used to protect appliances and circuits from severe damage.

Another small electrical installation fuse is a High Rupturing Capacity fuse. These fuses are totally enclosed, with high breaking capacities!

Sub Mains and Final Circuit Cabling

Depending on your environment, you will have different electrical needs. Our electricians can fit sub main electrical installations. This is power coming from the mains, for somewhere outside of your home or building. For example, if you are building a shed and you would like it to have electricity. Our electrical contractors are experts in sub main installation and distribution as well as installing final circuit cabling throughout commercial properties. This alternative electrical wiring technique enables the use of a wire smaller in diameter and a flexible cord, ensuring the most recent technology is used for your final circuit cabling.

Building a new house or office?

If you are changing the environment you live or work in, by building or renovating, you will need to consider wiring. An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will be able to provide you with this rewiring service. Also, a part of rewiring are small electrical installations! Whether you are renovating or building a new space, you will definitely need new power outlets. It is very dangerous to try and carry this out yourself, so make sure you are safe and use the knowledge of an experienced electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd.

Concert building being constructed with cranes

Use an experienced electrician when rewiring or wiring a new building.

Why is it important to use an electrician?

For services like these, there is a lot of risk in not using someone with the knowledge and qualifications to provide you with a safe service! Within the workplace co-workers will be put at harm if you decide to rewire a plug socket or install any other small electrical installations! And at home it is also very dangerous to carry out electrical work yourself. In that case you will be putting your family at risk!

Also, no matter if you think that it is a small job, just because it’s a small electrical installation, does not mean it can be fitted by someone who is unqualified. Here at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd we can guaranteed safety and quality of work.

If you would like more information about how we can help with electrical installations, or have any other questions, get it touch!