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Need a reliable call system for your nursing home? An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can provide a nurse call system installation in no time at all! A nurse call system provides patients and staff with a way of effective communication.  Installing a nurse call system can improve security and assistance!

At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, our electricians will make sure that each nurse call system installation is carried out with our customers in mind! We will make sure that the system being installed is appropriate for your specific requirements. Depending on whether it is a care home or hospital, we will make sure that the nurse call system is fit for purpose!\

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What is a nurse call system?

The purpose of a nurse call system allows the user to call for assistance. The majority of these systems are found in hospitals and care homes, used for emergency care and communication. Also, they can be found in doctor’s surgeries, in the mental health sector and dentist surgeries.  With the development in the systems over the past couple of years, there is now both wired and wireless nurse call systems available.

Wireless Nurse Call System

A nurse call system installation can work in a number of ways. Wireless nurse call systems are easier to install, they can be quickly and efficiently installed. The installation causes minimal disruption to the resident or patient, and any updates necessary do not take long at all! Also, just because it is wireless does not mean it is less reliable! Due to wireless systems being radio based, there is so much more opportunity for expansion.

Wired Nurse Call System

Wired nurse call systems, due to the infrastructure needed, can take a longer time and cause more of a disruption to install. Also, wired nurse call systems can operate by a pull chord or push button.

An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd. has years of experience and knowledge. When it comes to a nurse call system installation, something so important, it is vital you can trust the electrician!

I want to thank you for your recent work for me in Johnstone and Glasgow. Your team of electricians are all very professional. They know their stuff and they are easy to deal with. Fitting the various jobs in has not been straight forwards at times for you, but you have always remained calm and have worked flexibly to get the job finished to the deadline.

I have no hesitation in continuing to recommend Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd as a high quality company.

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In an emergency a nurse call system is extremely important.

Who needs a nurse call system?

If you are the owner of a private nursing or residential home, then it would be essential to have a nurse call system installation. For the safety and communication of the residents it is a necessity to provide nurse call systems! If you are in another situation and would like advice or help about if a nurse call system installation is necessary, an electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will provide you with all the information needed!

Types of Nurse Call systems

Depending on the environment there are a variety of call systems! For example, room units, door contact units, pear push leads, display panels, neck pendants, paging systems etc.

Finding the best method of nurse call system for your specific purpose is very important. Consider all the options!

If you would like any more information about nurse call systems, don’t hesitate to contact us!