Mains and Sub Mains Installations

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Here at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we will provide an excellent service of mains and sub mains power installation!

What’s the difference between mains and sub mains?

Mains electricity is the term used to refer to the electrical supply coming from a power station to the household you live in. The current flows in one direction, then the opposite, continuously. It enters the house via the live wire, which carries the incoming electricity. However, a sub-mains circuit is defined as a circuit that is directly from the main low voltage switchboard, to the sub-main distribution panel. Mains power installation can be difficult to understand.

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What is a distribution switchboard?

A distribution switchboard is the point that the incoming power supply divides into separate circuits. Each of them are protected and controlled by fuses of the switchboard. The switchboard represents a key link in the dependability chain. And as a result, the type of switchboard must be added to the circuit perfectly. A reliable and dependable electrician must carry this out. Mains power installation can be carried out by an electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd.

Why does my business need Sub-Mains distribution?

A mains power installation at the end of a corridor

Switchboards can be located anywhere throughout the building.


If you are taking electricity outside your industrial workplace, you would need to have a sub main installed. Using a switchboard, the electricity is directed out of your home into another place, through wires. Whether you want to install the sub main supply to your workplace garage or contrastingly to a larger commercial environment. An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can make sure that your sub mains power installation is carried out to the best standard possible.

Types of Distribution Switchboards

An electric switchboard is an appliance which directs the electricity from one large source of supply to multiple smaller usage regions. It is made up of panels and each component contains switches, allowing electricity to be redirected. There are a range of distribution boards, which differ depending on the type of application and the design code. In the case of an electrical switchboard, used for particular things, they may be located to the main low voltage switchboard or near where the application is.

Taking electricity outside?

mains power installation in an outdoor wooden shed

Want electricity in your shed? Ask an electrician to provide sub mains power installation.


Moving the electricity outside, you need to consult with someone informed about what you are doing to gain the appropriate advice. A plan is crucial! What are you planning to do? How much power do you need? In the design process you need to work out how you are going to achieve each part of the installation.

It is not recommended that you carry out this yourself. If you are planning to do this, then make sure you are being safe. If you would like the help of one of our electricians, they will provide the best service possible! Sub mains power installation is a very difficult thing to undertake alone.

It is also worthwhile to note the distance you are taking the power outside, the earthing system and the usage. The pattern of power usage you expect to make in the building outside your business.

If you would like any advice about commercial and industrial mains power installations or have any other queries, contact us.