Electrical Installation Design

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To reduce the risk of design errors and faults, it is crucial to ensure your electrical solutions and design are up to standard. Are you worried about the electrical design of your industrial or commercial building?

An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will be able to help to solve any problems. When it comes to understanding what the customer needs and wants, our electricians work with you to gauge what is the best way of establishing or changing the electrical design. The experience and qualifications our electricians have means that no matter what you need, you can trust them!

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Design Considerations

Making sure that clients are happy is our main priority! To do this, our electricians stick to a quality assurance scheme. Not only does this prevent any problems or errors from happening with the electrical system, but it is also cheaper in the long run. Our electricians at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd work to a design framework, this is something that helps to make sure that any installations are long lasting and reliable.

Using design specification is so important and useful for our electricians. Our client service is improved and trust is gained because our electricians are considerate about electrical solutions and design. Also, recognising the different design needs makes sure that the clients we help do not have reoccurring electrical problems.

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The Design Process

For electricians, there is a process to follow when designing specifically to a commercial project. Beginning with the client’s needs factors like the site details, use of the building, lighting, power etc. come into consideration. To ensure that our electricians carry out the ideal electrical power installation, this design process is followed and recognised.

Case Studies

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd has worked with many companies, following specific requirements and fulfilling their electrical needs. Check out our full portfolio for further information on the two Co-op stores in Melrose and Alyth that underwent electrical projects with our electricians.

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Co-op Melrose –  The full design and build package was used for this project. Installing LED lighting, all new power installations etc.

Co-op Alyth – This contract included installing general power and fire alarms.

In any case, the quality and success of a project can suffer if the decided design framework is not used. Also, specifically, in an environment like a shop floor, electrical safety and security is crucial.

Electrical Solutions and Design From ATOM

Our electricians can carry out electrical designs specific to you. Electrical solutions and design considerations and processes are key to understanding what is best for each client. Our commercial service can be catered to anything you require. From installing fire alarms to security lighting. Each client has a different environment to consider.

If you think that your company might need some electrical service installed correctly, get in touch!