Energy Management

Want to make your business more efficient? Our Glasgow electricians offer a range of services that will help in your energy management! Our industrial and commercial electricians can offer your business an energy MOT! From rewiring to installation of LED lighting, we will work with you to make your company more energy efficient.

At Atom Electrical Solutions we prioritise energy management. Though you may not know it, there are many simple ways of ensuring your business is operating more efficiently.

What is energy management?

Energy management is ultimately concerned with saving energy. Monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in the most efficient and effective manner.

Why is energy management important?

wind power windmills energy management

Wind power is a solution for the limited fossil fuel supply.

Across all industries, becoming energy efficient and sustainable is vital. Globally, there is a massive need to reduce CO2 emissions and become a more energy aware society. It’s very important for large businesses, some of the main polluters, to consider how much energy they are using and find ways to tackle energy waste. If not only to reduce the damage to our planet but to reduce our reliance on the limited fossil fuels left.

How can my organisation become more energy effiicent?

enery saving bulbs

With the help of ATOM your company will become much more energy efficient!

With the help of the electricians from Atom Electrical Solutions ltd, your company will have the best chance of saving energy. You should measure your initial energy consumption, then find ways of reducing the amount. With the help of our team, your business will be able to identify any of the opportunities for change. Taking fast action on areas of your business where energy can be saved will be very valuable!

PAT testing & Electrical inspection – Our electrical inspection service will allow for you to realise any potential wasteful energy points. While also identifying any unsafe or hazardous areas of your business. Any out of date equipment/broken appliances can then be updated and replaced with more energy efficient choices.

LED lighting installation – One of most popular choices large organisations make, to combat wasting energy, is switching over to LED lighting. Though it sounds like an easy step, there are still companies yet to make this change! Not only does LED lighting last longer, it reduces your CO2 emissions and is cost effective. Installing LED lighting with the help of our trusted, experienced electricians will definitely make your company more sustainable! Interested in how LED lighting installation will benefit your industrial space? Look at our last blog post.

How do I manage my energy usage?

energy management carbon neutral

Energy management is so important.

After taking the necessary steps to become a more sustainable business, it is important to monitor your energy usage. Energy management doesn’t just stop there!

  • Keep metering your energy consumption
  • Keep the details and data of these readings
  • Continue to find ways of reducing waste/energy usage, there are always energy-saving opportunities around. Incentivise employees to think about alternative more energy efficient methods your business could use!
  • Track energy management progress, note any improvements
  • Ask for any more help from our team at ATOM!

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd are celebrating being carbon neutral in 2017! If you are interested in our energy management service and want to follow our example, contact us here.