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Does your business need some electrical heating installed? An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will be able to supply this service. Depending on what you are looking for, we will focus on looking at providing the most suitable electric heating installation. At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we prioritise customer satisfaction.

Thank you for sorting out my lights problem on Saturday night.

On Saturday afternoon, I was on some electric DIY which resulted in no electricity in the flat for some reason.

Called Steven in a panic – who arrived a couple of hours later, pushed a button and all was well. The secret is of course, knowing which button to push.

Quality service, on time and at the right price – has become a BNI hallmark.

Don’t get your wires crossed, see the light and go to Atom Electrical when you’re in the dark.

Joe Pirret

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What is Electrical Heating?

Electrical heating covers a variety of heating. From boilers to underfloor heating. Compared to gas heating, electrical heating is easier to control and so impacts positively on your monthly bills. There are a range of electric boilers that can be installed. For example, heat only boilers are cost effective and are used for the heating system only. Also, storage heaters are an option when it comes to heating your workplace.

electric storage heater

Easy to control, energy efficient, electrical heating systems are very worthwhile!

Electric Radiators or Storage Heaters?

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate form of heating for your work premises, considering all of the options is very important. For example, storage heaters are cheap to install, require a small amount of maintenance and uses a cheap economy tariff at night. However, when it comes to controlling them, it is harder, also storage heaters can stain walls and are very bulky. However, an energy efficient and stylish electric radiator might be to your taste. Depending on what you are looking for a storage heater has advantages and disadvantages.

What are the benefits of Electric Heating installation?

There are many benefits to having an electric heating installation. The electrical heating system is much more energy efficient than a modular system. Without having to heat up water and being pushed around tubes in a radiator, which takes time, electric heaters and radiators work independently rather than taking a lot of time. Also, it is beneficial in having independent heaters is that you can use only one heater instead of having to turn on the whole heating system and wasting energy.

With an electric heating installation, each heating module can be used individually. Electric heaters simply plug into walls, making the electrical heating installation much more efficient. The most efficient form of electric central heating is storage heaters.

Installation, Maintenance & Control

An electric heating system is easy to maintain. With a qualified electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, an installation can take place without any hassle. Gas central heating is not very expensive to install and maintain. With the regular annual maintenance checks and costs of getting your boiler serviced it is much more worthwhile having an electric heating installation.

Also, there are many different kinds of heating systems that can be installed, modern electrical heating has the same benefits of being very cost effective. So, if it the heating is for your business, a new more efficient way of heating your space will be a great benefit.

electric heating installation

An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will ensure your heating is regularly checked and maintained.

If you would like to contact Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd about installing an electrical heating system, get in touch!

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