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Tired of using an unreliable electrical contractor? Are you looking for a reliable, professional and knowledgeable team to manage your next commercial or industrial project? Then the best electrical contractor Glasgow based, Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can help you.

Having started out in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd has provided services from an electrical contractor Glasgow based for over a decade.

Fast forward to today: we provide our services across Scotland and the rest of the UK. Our experienced, highly skilled electrical contractor Glasgow based team continue to provide high quality services across the country and we pride ourselves on our standard of work.

Since Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd was established in 2006, the organisation has worked with many high profile clients and we often receive excellent testimonials from our wonderful clients:

I strongly recommend Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd for electrical work and I have had no hesitation in recommending your services to my customers.” – BoConcept (Scotland)

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd is a NIC EIC registered electrical contractor and we will ensure that your next project is a success. With the most friendly, professional and skilled electrical contractor Glasgow has to offer, you can be sure that your project will be completed effectively and efficiently.

All the electricians are very professional in their approach to both their work and to our clients whom they meet face to face.” – John Carswell

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What we can do

With a wide range of experience as electrical contractors on both large and small projects, Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd is regularly chosen over local contractors due to our excellent pricing and past success. Our Glasgow electricians have the solutions.

We provide an electrical contractor Glasgow based, work on a wide range of projects including, but not limited to:

  • Offices of any size – new and remodelling
  • Independent and larger retail shops – including new and refurbishments
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Public Contracts

We are happy to complete jobs of any size or scope, whether you are a large industrial company or a small business, you can be sure that Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, the electrical contractor Glasgow based, can help you.

By carrying out a important risk assessments before each job, we ensure that we provide not only a high quality service, but ensure that every job is completed in a safe and compliant manner.

Don’t get your wires crossed, see the light and go to Atom Electrical when you’re in the dark.” – Clydesdale Office Equipment

Specifically Focused Projects

We can work on specific areas of a building to bring additional functionality or to bring it up to legal requirements:

LED Lighting Installation

LED lighting can be hugely beneficial to businesses as they are incredibly cost effective. In fact, LED lights can reduce your lighting bills by as much as 90%. Furthermore, the initial investment in LED lighting is very quickly paid off, with great returns on your investment with the excellent saving you make on energy bills. Even better, the LED bulbs last much longer than standard bulbs, so need replaced very rarely, thus, reducing your maintenance costs.

CCTV Installation

We provide our CCTV installation service to our commercial clients. CCTV allows you to feel more secure, and can provide peace of mind for our business clients. CCTV acts as a great crime deterrent. In the unfortunate circumstances where a crime takes place, you have more chance of catching the criminal.

Electrical Inspection

Carried out before every job, electrical inspections ensure the safety of our team as well as your property and anyone who may be on the premises. However, we can conduct regular electrical inspections for your business to ensure that everyone and everything is not at risk of electrical fault or injury.


We offer all the above services and many more, so you can be sure that Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can help you with any task, whatever the size and scope.

Our broad range of services does not end there. Take a look at our commercial services to find out about all the services we have on offer. Or, get in touch to find out more about how Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can help you.

Why Choose Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd?

10 Years of Experience

At Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we have had over 10 years of experience. By taking pride in the work we do, we have built a reliable, trustworthy and professional image. So why not choose us for your next project? No matter the size or scope, you can be sure that the team at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd is the best electrical contractor Glasgow has to offer you.

Cost effective electrical contractor service

With our competitive pricing, you can be sure that you are getting a good deal by choosing Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd as your electrical contractor. In fact, prime contractors, builders and other firms all appreciate our competitive pricing.

Commitment to Deadlines

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd is committed to reaching any and all deadlines set by the main contractor, regardless of any obstacles we may encounter.

“I must say, the service from initial phone call to you, through to installation was excellent. The very best I’ve had in a very LONG TIME!” – John Costellos

Liaise with Project Planning

By investing time to liaise with project planning, Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd ensures that miscommunication between parties is kept to a minimum. This also ensures that all opportunities and risks are managed effectively and efficiently.

Attend Site Meetings Early in the Process

To ensure that Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd is properly oriented during the tender stage, we provide accurate quotations and ‘kick the tires’ of any project. By attending site meetings in the early stages we ensure that this is made possible. By taking this approach, you can be sure that Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd are the trustworthy and reliable electrical contractors you need for your next electrical job.

UK Wide Coverage

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd is able to work on any commercial project in the UK. We are regularly selected over local firms due to our high standard of service, pricing and our excellent body of previous work. With the ability to work on all scales of tasks, you can be sure that Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can help you across the UK.

Regular Toolbox Meetings

By holding regular toolbox meetings, we are able to keep our staff motivated, ensuring that quality and safety standards are kept high. We take pride in ensuring that our team provide consistent quality across the board. Whether the job is a small commercial task or a large scale industrial project, we offer excellent and consistent quality and expertise across all areas of our work. These regular tool box meetings enable us to ensure that our service continues to impress and please all of our clients. In return this creates a friendly and reliable relationship with each and every one of our clients.

Incentivised Staff

Offering excellent incentives for our staffs ensures that our clients receive the best electrical contractor Glasgow has to offer! All of our staff are paid above average wages for our sector and on top of this we have a bonus structure in place. Our bonus structure is based on the delivery of projects and has resulted in very low staff turnover within Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd. Similar to our regular tool box meetings, offering incentives for our team ensures that each of our clients receive high quality, reliable and friendly service consistently from ATOM.

Your team of electricians are all very professional. They know their stuff and they are easy to deal with” – Michelle ATOM Property

Best Electrical Contractor Glasgow has to offer

Would you like to find out more from the best electrical contractor Glasgow has to offer? The team from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can help you! Then get in touch today to ensure the success of your next industrial or commercial project. Interested in receiving a quote for specified work? Then we we would love to hear from you.