Why choose ATOM as your Commercial Electrician?

commercial electric company projects

A Commercial electric company can make or break any project.

Commercial Electric Company for over a decade!

Here at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd, we pride ourselves on being the best commercial electric company across all our project work. Find out why you should choose us for your next small or large project!

Ten years experience in commercial electric contracting

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd is over ten years old and has a wealth of experience, meaning you can trust us to manage and deliver across a range of different projects.

Reasonably Priced

Clients, contractors, builders and other firms enjoy competitive pricing that is achieved through our effective, managed processes.

Committed to deadlines

Regardless of obstacles or changes which arise, ATOM is committed to reaching deadlines set by the main contractor.

Happy to liaise with project planning

Because we take the time to liaise with project planning, it ensures miscommunication is reduced and both opportunities & risks are efficiently managed.

Attending site meetings at the tender stage

In order to provide realistic quotations and ‘kick the tires’ of any project, ATOM often attend site meetings at the tender stage. This ensures we are are properly oriented during the tender stage.

We Cover the UK

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd cover commercial electric company projects across the UK. We are regularly selected over local firms due to our quality of service, pricing and previous work.

Regular toolbox talks with team to ensure quality standards are high

Regular toolbox talks are a must have to ensure project success.

Well incentivised staff to provide excellent service

Our staff are paid above average wages and incentivised with a bonus structure. We do this to ensure commitment to our projects and team. As a result, our staff turnover is very low.

Are you interested in working with Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd for your next commercial project?

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