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Are you looking for the installation of Ethernet cabling? Our electricians at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can install Cat 5 network cabling in a clean and efficient manner.

Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd has been in service for over 11 years, a team with many an abundance of experience. Network cabling will be straightforward to install, our electrician will make sure that you have a secure and maintained connection.

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single ethernet cabling

If you are switching to a wired network, contact an electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd.

What is Ethernet cabling?

An Ethernet cable is the most popular forms of network cabling for a wired network. Ethernet cables allow for the connection of devices within a network. For example, an Ethernet cable can carry your broadband signal from the router to other internet-enabled devices.

A safe, secure connection to the internet.

Why would I need CAT 5 Ethernet cabling?

A CAT 5 cabling installation will enable you to communicate through voice and data in any format. Also, if you are in need of a new network or if you are switching from a wireless to a wired network, then you should consider a CAT 5 network! An electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd offer the service of a maintained and successful CAT 5 Ethernet cabling installation.

Though it may seem like a simple job, hiring an electrician to carry out the installation is the best idea. Atom Electrical Ltd can guarantee you will be happy with the fast, accurate and friendly service.

I must say, the service from initial phone call to you, through to installation was excellent. The very best I’ve had in a very LONG TIME!

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This type of telephone system lets you to make very cheap or free phone calls via the internet.  Also, an internet based phone allows for the use of  features like voicemail – which can also be sent to email, hold music, the option to divert calls etc. After installing an Ethernet cable you will be able to use VoIP.

VoIP reciever

A cost effective way of easy communication!

How does VoIP work?

Voice communication transfers from digital information, which can then be sent like any other data over the internet. Also, what about free calls? This is possible because when you pay for your internet connection, the VoIP is paid for also.

If you are considering installing ethernet cabling, Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will be happy to help! Get in touch.