Building Services Maintenance

You can trust an electrical contractor from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd. Having provided specialist services to a range of buildings with different needs we understand that your building’s health is essential. Planned building services maintenance is a way to easily catch any problems with your building early, before they have a chance to develop!

Want to make sure you are working in a safe environment?

With over 10 years of experience, Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd offers outstanding service to both commercial and industrial workplaces. Covering not only Glasgow, but all the UK, our team can reach you no matter what electrical job you have.

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What is building services maintenance?

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Maintenance is vital for the building, to make sure it lasts a long time.

To make sure that your building is secure, safe and operating how it should, it is necessary to carry out building services maintenance. Working with you, our team at Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will plan for your specific business. By providing the service of experienced electricians who will carry out installations, repairs and inspections, you can be sure any potential issues or dangers will be found and fixed.

Why would you need planned maintenance?

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Even new buildings will need maintenance services.

Do you own a building and want to ensure its safety? A building services maintenance inspection will be able to establish what work, if any is required to take place. Preventative work might be necessary and could save you money in the long run!

Our electricians are well experienced at carrying out installations. With several years of experience we always ensure to prioritise our clients needs.

Thanks to Steven MacLaren of Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd for doing a brilliant job at Aytoun Road.

Customers were pleased with your attention to detail and reliability.

Thanks Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd

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Maintenance is crucial!


A building maintenance inspection will let you know if your building needs any work.

A lot of things can go wrong if your electrical supply is faulty. For example, the overloading or a failure of the fuse can cause electric sparks or shocks. An experienced Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd contractor can repair the electrical supply of your building no problem.

Your building lift or escalator is another aspect of the building with great importance. Stoppage, excessive noise and the malfunctioning of buttons are just some things that could do wrong. Which then result in ageing and an inadequate service. To prevent anything in your building becoming unsafe to use or faulty, planned building services maintenance is an ideal solution.

What else can an electrical contractor help with?

Also, an electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can help find solutions to lots of your electrical problems! By designing any electrical installations specifically for your company, there will be reduced risk of something goeing wrong!

If you think that your building is in need of some maintenance or need some other electrical help, contact us.