Access Control Systems

Access control describes a way of controlling who can pass through a certain area. Typically used in workplace buildings. An access control systems installation is crucial in ensure the safety of your business.

Do you own a business? Want to make it more secure? Then an experienced electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd will be able to provide the best service to ensure your property is safe for all staff! In the modern security world, access control is much more than simply a lock and key. The security industry has evolved greatly along with everything else!

With years of experience and a well-qualified team, Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can adjust to your specific needs! Along with installing CCTV and security lighting, an electrician from Atom Electrical Solutions Ltd can provide any access control security system you may require.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your business, it would be worthwhile to make sure your access control system is up to date!

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Which one suits your needs?

An access card is a very practical choice of access control system.

Access Cards

Working in a large office building for example, an access card is used by people to gain entry through secured doors. Each card is encoded differently! It is practical for use as the cards are the same size as a normal debit or credit card, so they are easy to carry around. Like a hotel room key card, an access control systems installation of this type is very practical and popular!

Card Readers

For the access cards to work, they need to work with a card reader. Whether the reader you choose is proximity or insertion, the readers are essential if you choose the access card access control systems installation.


A keypad method is another way of securing you building


An access control keypad is another very typical type of an access control security system. The numeric security system requires the person to enter the correct code to gain access to the building. Also, sometimes these keypads can be combined with access cards to increase security even further!

fingerprint scanner

A very unique and secure way of ensuring only people will allowed access come into the building.

Fingerprint Readers

A finger scanner is definitely one of the most secure forms of access control systems installation. Without having to remember any key card or code, the finger scanner will not allow someone to gain access without having your unique print. An ideal way form of security for a big company with a lot of employees. Another simple and effective way of providing your business with enough safety.

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